I can't believe I finally bought this dress and it was in the sale.

I first saw this dress a few months ago and fell in love, however with a hefty price tag (£39.00) and I had not so much money, I had to leave the shop without it. After that I didn't actually see the dress in the shop but I always regretted not buying it. It's the perfect summer dress. However I was so happy to pop in with my mum and see this on a rack and with a sale tag on!. It was meant to be.

Now I have to admit this dress isn't something I would usually wear but there is something so cute and stylish that I fell in love. Anything that has embroidery on is a winner and the beautiful pattern on the chest and the sleeves are so intricate and compliment the pale peach/salmon colour of the dress perfectly.

I've also become more confident in showing off my legs and this is the perfect length. It hits just above my knee so i'm not prone to flashing anyone and the sleeves are 3/4 length which is something I don't have a lot off in clothes. 

This dress is that perfect dress which can be both be dressed down for a day look but can be dressed up for the evening and will still look completely lovely.

Dress: Debenhams

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