Hey, I decided to show you a few recent new things I've purchased.

001. Dove Nourishing Secrets Body Lotion
I've needed a new body lotion for a while and when I saw these new ones come into work I knew I would pick one up. The one I loved the most because it smelt so good was the body lotion which has mango oil in it. This body lotion makes my skin feel so soft without the greasy feeling and it also sinks into my skin straight away!. 

002. New Look Cactus Socks
I needed to find a top for an event and found myself in New Look. I have to walk past the sock section to get to the dressing rooms and when I came out I saw these straight away. I love quirky socks and I love cactus anything so I had to get these!. 

003. Kat Von D Lock It Primer
I ran out of my primer and knew I wanted to repurchase this one as it's my favourite. I was in Manchester and literally squealed when I saw there was a Kat Von D stand in the Debenhams. It was a great opportunity to get this and I wish I had purchased a few more things.

004. Primark Black Loafers
I already have these loafers and I'm in love. However I wear them for work and I also wear them 100% the rest of the time. This means they are wearing out fast and so I decided that I should pick up another pair for when the others break. 

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