I used to just blog about one thing and then get bored and then move onto another for only the cycle to be repeated. It took me a while to decided to blog about anything I wanted to and I'm so much happier with more ideas and content then ever before.

I know people say that you should have a little niche albeit makeup or books but for me that didn't work at all. I would find myself getting bored of talking only about one thing and then I wouldn't have the drive to blog or even know what to come up with and I hated it.

It took me a good year and a bit to decide that I would like to blog about anything I wanted and thought off and It's worked so well for me. I love that I can have a bout of inspiration about something and get to turn it into a post instead of dismissing it because it's not in the 'niche' I decided that I should stick too.

I love to try and mix things up and try to have a little mix of everything so theres something for everyone. If I schedule a post thats book related and it's next to another post about book then I will mix and switch till theres a little gap with something else. I find this keeps my blog more relatable and interesting for readers and I also like the mix myself.

I would love to start including fashion posts into the blog but for now I'm too self conscious about taking pictures of myself for people to see. However maybe it will change. Overall if you are worried about not having a niche then don't! I find that blogging for me has become way more enjoyable and fun having a mix of different topics and content.

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