I've been wanting to do more outfit posts for a while but the main reason was I didn't like being photographed. I've decided to start a little series where I'll share outfit posts from pictures I've taken for Instagram.

I've been wanting to wear more dresses for summer and I've also wanted to start wearing a little more colour. I love the gingham print which is everywhere at the moment and when I saw this dress I fell in love. 

I have actually seen this dress a while back but always thought it wouldn't suit me as it's a smock dress and they can sometimes make me feel like I look bigger then I am. However when I saw it on sale for only £3 I couldn't say no. 

I'm so glad I picked this up as it's amazing. It's a comfy dress which I can just throw on and instantly look like I've made effort. It is quite short so I think I would have to pair this with tights so I don't accidentally flash my knickers. 

Now lets talk about this denim jacket. I've seen people wear this and thought It was from TopShop so never bothered because I knew it would be pricey. However nope it's from Primark and only cost £20!. I am loving the longer length denim jackets and I also love the distressed look. I can see me living in this one for the rest of the year and some. 

Pink Gingham Dress: Primark || £3
Distressed Denim Jacket: Primark || £20
Phone Case: Ebay || 99p

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