My mum is my best friend, my role model and I love her to pieces. She's taught me a lot from my birth and I thought I would share some lessons she taught me throughout the years and ones I will carry with me for life.

001. You are your number one fan
Yes you have people who love you and will be there for you but you should be your first number one fan. You need to know when to love yourself and take time out to heal and self care. I love this and when I was single I said one positive thing about myself everyday to remind myself who I am and to boost me up a little.

002. Put yourself first
This is a tricky one and sometimes it's not always the case. However putting yourself first is critical in self love and care. Ive always taken this to be when there is something someone wants you to do but it is wrong for you. I put my feeling first if there is something Im not happy with and I have found that it doesn't make me a bad person. I used to be someone who would try and make every single person happy while it made me miserable and it's not a fun thing, it's draining.

003. Learn to be independent before depending on someone else
My mum always told me that it was better to be independent before you depend on someone else. By this she means to learn how to do things for yourself instead of rushing. I've learnt how to be happy by myself and how I don't need to depend on someone to give me the world as I can do it myself. However it's also important to learn when to let someone in and let them help you give you the world and share it. I've learnt a lot from being by myself and I have also learnt how this has helped me fall in love with a great man who helps me be the best.

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