I liked doing my other Currently post so thought I would do another.

Reading: Norwegian Wood by Murakami which is one I've been wanting to read of so long.

Watching: Geordie Shore and Catfish every week since they've started. it's something I look forward too because I get to watch them with Adam when we are together.

Planning: Nothing really, I seem to have slowed down on my blog inspo for now since my last post.

Wishing For: More time to spend with Adam. Since he started his new job it means he has the weekends off which is great but I usually work the Saturday. This means we don't see each other as much as we used to but I cherish every second I get. And we have been making it work.

Enjoying: My new bed!. I got a new bed for birthday and It's so comfy and lovely. Plus it also means I get to buy all new bedding.

Trying: To lose weight. I'm a bridesmaid at my dads wedding and I want my dress to feel comfortable and lovely on the day. I've also been a bit meh with how I've been looking

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