Hey guys, today I thought I would share a few beauty products I used to like initially but over time have found myself sitting on the fence about.

001. Benefit - Hula Bronzer
When I first bought the Hula Bronzer I was in love and used it everyday. It was the perfect colour for me and didn't leave me with brown streaks. I loved it so much in fact that I actually finished one and then was gifted another. And it's this one that has made me turn from loving the product to hating it. I don't know if they had changed the formula, I had got one from a bad batch or that maybe it was always bad and I never knew. This new Hula Bronzer leaves me looking so orange and doesn't even blend nicely. It goes on patchy and makes me look like i've put on fake tan badly. Every time I try this I end up hating how I look and going back to another bronzer.

002. Kat Von D - Lock it Foundation
Before Kat Von D came to Uk I had watched countless of Youtubers talk about this foundation and how amazing, full coverage and perfect this product is. Finally the brand came to the Uk and for Christmas my mum got me the foundation because she knew how much I talked about it, and for the first week or two it was perfect. It went on my face like a dream, blended lovely, gave me a full but natural coverage and was the perfect base for everything. Then however when I put it on it would go orange and look a mess. It would go on streaky and never bled properly looking like I had put it on in the dark. I know it's not just me as I have seen people on Twitter saying the same.

003. L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara
It took me a while to get used to this mascara as it has the flexible wand where it moves but once I did, this mascara was great. It left me eyelashes looking longer and fuller without giving me spider lashes. However after a while I found it would clump my eyelashes together and then set meaning I looked like i was missing eyelashes, it would go really hard and I would fear my eyelashes would be pulled out when taking it off. I don't know whether this is happening because I've had it for a while so I might just throw it out.

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