I've recently decluttered my whole room and let me tell you it's such a good feeling. Today I thought I would share a few tips I used to help me overcome wanting to keep everything and anything.

1. Start with the hardest things.
I found that when I started with the hardest things that I knew would be hard for me to get rid of, I found that everything else was actually quite easy. The hardest items I found for me to sort through and get rid off was books. It took me at least two culls to get rid of all the ones I didn't want anymore.

2. If you can't remember ever picking it up, then it should go.
I found that when sorting out my drawers, there was a lot of stuff which I can't even remember buying let alone using. Thats when I knew it was time it should leave my room and either go in the bin or to someone else. 

3. Don't second guess yourself.
I found from past declutter episodes that I would sometimes second guess myself and think that I shouldn't get rid of it and it would stay. However usually, that item would not leave the place I left it and so this time around I didn't second guess myself and just threw it out.

4. Create a list
I found that when I created a list about what I wanted to sort out, it was fairly easy. I created categories such as books, clothes and dvd's and once i finished with one pile I would tick it off. I found this helped me keep track on what I had done and needed to get done.

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