Reading: The books on my to be read pile that I've had building up for years. I've decided to hold up buying books until I only have a few left. I use a number generator to pick a number and the book that corresponds to that number on my GoodReads shelf is the one I read.

Watching: Grimm. I'm in love with it and have been binging on it for a while now. 

Planning: What ideas I want to use for my blog. I've been having a good bout of inspiration and decided to create a plan for them to see if they will be good enough.

Wishing For: A week away,  I really want to go abroad and just have a relaxing time in the sun with a nice cocktail. Or even a few days away from the normal work life.

Enjoying: Relaxing baths full of bubbles and lush bath bombs. I've found my back has been aching for a while and these seem to really help and make me feel all relaxed and cosy.

Trying: To save money up, for a lot of reasons but mainly so that I'm not skint at the end of the month.

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