I find myself going into little or even large reading slumps throughout the year and so I thought I would share a few tips on what helps me overcome them.

001. Browse books.
Whenever I find myself in a little bit of a rut I love to go into Waterstones and browse the books, picking up ones which grab my attention. I feel like this gives me a good indicator on what would get me back into reading.

002. Create a GoodReads account and take some inspiration.
I love GoodReads a lot and I use it pretty much everyday. It's a great tool to keep connected with fellow book readers but it's also a great site to browse books and see if there is any that capture your attention. GoodReads also has a great feature where it will recommend you books based on what you've previously read. 

003. Don't get caught up in hypes (or do?)
If you watch booktubers, look on bookstagram and other various book lovers media you'll soon realise that certain books are hyped by everyone and you can be swept up on it. This can both be bad and good in my opinion. Bad because it can make you feel pressured into reading these books when you might not be interested and good because it gives you books which could help you from the slump. 

004. Find a book that's light and easy to read.
Usually when I want to get back into reading it's something that will be easy to read, quick paced and something that won't require a lot of concentration. I find this gets me back into the swing of things and motivates me to read another book a lot faster.

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