I'm coming back at you with another little catch up on what I've been reading.

1. I Capture The Castle - Dodie Smith
This wasn't what I thought it would be about but I still really enjoyed it nonetheless. I think the character building for all of them was great and that they each brought in their own little element to the story.

2. The Kraken Awakes - John Wyndham
I thought the plot for this one was interesting and after reading 'The day of the Triffids' I knew that I would enjoy this. I found myself loving the main characters and the first part of the story I found amazing. I did think it was a little slow paced near the middle of the story but it picked up again right at the end to give a good ending.

3. Cujo - Stephen King
After reading 'Thinner' I was on a bit of a king kick and this one was one I had heard good things about. I loved this book so much, I loved all the different characters and of course Cujo the dog. I think this book is a great novel to start with to get into King as it's so fast paced and has elements of horror.

4. N0S4R2 - Joe Hill
I was browsing Waterstones and on a little thriller and horror kick I decided to pick this one up. I've heard nothing but good things about this and I was not disappointed. Joe Hill is really taking into his fathers footsteps (Stephen Kings, son) and this was fast paced and brilliant. It had supernatural elements alongside but it all flowed well and I found myself loving the main Character Vic. It's a fairly hefty book but you fly through it and don't want to put it down.

5. My Best Friend's Exorcism - Grady Hendrix
I picked this up on a whim due to the cover and also because I've heard a few good things about this story. It follows a girl called Abbey who's best friend gets possessed. This was quite an easy and fast paced read and I thought it was a fun little story. For some reason I was expecting it to be more dark but it had elements of comedy throughout which gave the book a little uniqueness.

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