I'm still on a roll with reading and I'm loving it. Here are a few more of my recent reads.

1. Hidden Bodies - Caroline Kepnes
The second book that follows on from 'You' which was one I loved. This follows Joe who came to LA on the search for someone who he thought loved him. I thought this book was okay, but I think I really preferred the first book so much more. I think there was a lot of unnecessary sex scenes that were just thrown in for no reason. I actually like the ending and thought it was a good end to the book and to the main character, Joe.

2. The Vegetarian - Han Kang
I've heard a lot about this book and so I couldn't wait to read it, even though I knew virtually nothing about the story. I actually really liked this book and thought it was written well. I can see why it won the Man Booker prize. I don't want to say too much because I think this is a really great book to read without knowing anything about. You become immersed and intrigued on where this journey goes.

3. Thinner - Stephen King Writing As Richard Bachman
I heard about this book a few weeks ago and knew it would be a book I would love, and I wasn't wrong. Stephen King has such a way with words and I was hooked from the first chapter. This follows a man called Billy who was cursed by a gypsy and starts to get thinner every day at an alarming rate. I actually really liked Billy as a character and thought he had a steady but great character development. The ending was also a great end to the story and I can see myself reading this again and again.

4. The Help - Kathryn Stockett
For some reason I was nervous to read this book in case I wouldn't like it because it's such a popular book and movie. However this book was so good and I'm glad I plucked up the courage to pick it up. I loved this book and couldn't put it down, I loved the relationship that blossomed between Skeeter and Aibileen.

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