This week has been both slow but lovely and I'm so happy that the weather is picking up.

1. Decluttering My Wardrobe
I decided to declutter my wardrobe this week because I just had too many clothes, shoes and bags which I didn't even look at let alone use or wear. I even got my mum to do some of her wardrobe and we took them to this woman who gives you 50p per kilo. Then they get sorted and given to different charities.

2. Adam's Birthday
It was Adam's birthday in the middle of the week and we went out with his mates the night before and then on the day we had a lovely walk around sheffield and sat in the sun for a while. We also went to Cosmo for food which was so nice but so very filling.

3. Strawberry Milkshake
I have become addicted to strawberry milkshake this week and I'm not entirely sure why. I have to say though that the McDonald's one is my favourite, the taste is great. I've had three in the past three days and I'm pretty sure it's not that healthy but oh well.

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