I've been a bit down about how I look recently and not really picked up any new clothes. However when I saw these pieces I decided to pick them up and I love them. 

1. Split T-shirt - H&M (£9.99)
I have been loving these split tops that have been popping up recently and when I saw this one I decided to go for it. I never know what size to get in H&M and opted for a large which turned out to be a good decision. It means this is oversized which suits the look and I can't wait to pair this with black jeans, a denim jacket and my vans.

 2. Floral Pattern Shirt - H&M ( £12.99)
I used to love wearing blouses and shirts and then completely went off them. However when I saw this one I loved it. I love the pastel pink and blue roses and then the little pops of orange. I can't wait to pair this up with my pinafore dress. 

3. Long Sleeve Lace Insert Jersey Top - Marks & Spencers (£14.00 on Sale)
I love browsing the M&S sale as they have really good prices for such a good price. This black top was one I needed to have because the sleeves are so beautiful. I love the lace cut out but it was also the sleeves themselves which sold it to me. 

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