Sorry this is a little late but here we are with another week over and here I find myself thinking back on all the little things that have made me happy.

1. Trip To Leeds
Adam and myself decided to have a little day date out in Leeds for something a little different and I loved it. We went to Red's True BBQ for food and it was amazing! Somewhere I would love to go again. 

2. New Trainers
I've been wanting a pair of Nike's or Adidas trainers for ages and then when browsing OFFICE I saw a beautiful pair of Adidas NMD's in grey and pink and I fell in love. I think buying these beauties were fate since they were the last pair in the shop and they were my size! These were a limited and exclusive colour to OFFICE so I'm not sure if they will still be selling them.

3. Meeting People & Getting A Little Lot Drunk
I went out and met most of Adam's friends for the first time who all seemed really nice and accepted me into the little group. We all went out around town however I got a little too drunk and poor Adam had to look after me.

4. Shopping With Mum
I love mine and my mums shopping trips and it was also really nice to spend some quality time together and having a laugh and a nice meal.

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