I can't believe I've somehow kept this little series up for 7 weeks and I'm proud of myself. So lets get onto what has made my week.

1. Payday
The month of February went so slow when it came to Payday, however I finally got paid and now I'm not poor. I kept seeing loads of clothes I'd love to purchase but I'm torn between spend it all and to save. I need to find a balance which I am good at usually.

2. Lazy Mornings 
I've stayed over at Adams a lot this week which has been wonderful and it's made lazy mornings even better!. We stayed in bed for a few hours before heading downstairs, eating breakfast and watching Family Fortunes cuddled up on the sofa. Perfect.

3. Finding Joy In Reading
I haven't read anything apart from poetry for a while and when my nan let me borrow three of her books I decided to see if I could get into them. I'm currently slowly making my way through 'The Client' by John Grisham which I really am loving at the moment.

4. New Releases
There have been some pretty good tracks and albums being released recently and I've been loving Stormzy, The Rag And Bone Man and of course the ultimate babe, Ed Sheeran. I need to get these on Vinyl.

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