I am in love with Instagram and pretty much have since it first ever came around. You can follow me here if you would like. Today I thought I would show you how I've been recently editing my photos. It's pretty simple and easy but I think it makes the photos look pretty darn good (if I say so myself).

1. VSCO App.
Okay so the photo editor app I use religiously is the VSCO app which is free and I think one of the most popular ones out there. It's so simple to use and has a wide range of filters which will suit anyone and how they edit and want their photos to look like.

2. Brightness.
The first thing I do when I've uploaded the photo to the app is go to the brightness and turn it up a smudge. The amount I do this depends on the light the photo was taken in but it's usually between 0 & 8. 

3. Contrast.
Along with brightness I like to turn the contrast down but again only by a small amount. Sometimes it's by one and others can be a bit lower. Again I eyeball this depending on the photo I've taken. 

4. Filter.
I've recently changed the filter I use recently. The one I used for a longest time was HB1 which I used to use around the +6.8 mark and this made the photos a little brighter and the details pop a little. However after playing around I've been loving the C1 filter and usually at full capacity especially for nature & building shots. It just makes the photos gorgeous (in my opinion) and makes them stand out. I also use C1 for everything else but depending on the photo it can range from +6.8 to full capacity.

I sometimes post selfies on Instagram as well however I use a completely different app for this as I think it works better. I use the app Enlight which is also free and easy to use and navigate. 

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