10 weeks I have kept this up and not going to lie, I am proud of myself. I find myself enjoying writing down things and it's nice to look back. 

1. Mothers Day.
Mothers day is here and I love to show my mum how much I appreciate her and love her. I try and make her day as lovely as possible. 

2. Family Time
Sometimes it's nice to spend quality time with family and I try to cherish every moment I have with them.

3. Little Moments
I know this is titled happy little things which does mean moments but there have been so much little things that have happened that it's collectively made my week. Especially all the little moments I've spent with Adam.

4. Warm Weather
It's been such lovely weather (minus the day of rain) and especially on Saturday. It was so lovely spending time in Sheffield in the sun. I can't wait for more as it'll mean Beer Gardens.

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