I really like whats in my bag posts because well I am nosey. I like seeing what people hoard and I thought, why not do my own. So here is a what is in my bag, I hope you enjoy.

Firstly the bag I have been using is this lovely Lush Oxford Street Limited bag that my mum bought for me when she went to London. I have the black standard one which I have practically been using none stop since I purchased it on my 18th birthday (I'm now 22) and it's actually still in pretty darn like new condition. However I wanted a new one that I could switch and this one is super roomy and lovely.

1. Purse.
This one is from River Island a good while back and I fell in love with the pattern and colours. It is slightly dirty now but I still love it. I love River Islands purses they just seem so roomy and fit everything in which does mean that I end up with a whole load of receipts stuffed in. 

2. Little Grey Cosmetics Bag.
I got this in a Birchbox ages ago and I actually love to store random things in that I don't want just thrown in my bag. I have a thing for bags inside bags and this one is actually pretty roomy for how small it looks. At the moment Inside I have: Panadol Tablets, Joe Malone Blackberry and Bay Fragrance, Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Preview, Charger Cable, Essence Cool Nude Lipstick and Cath Kidston Portable Charger.

3. Large Deer Cosmetics Bag.
In this cosmetics bag which I was gifted from my mum for Christmas ages ago, I like to keep all my time of the monthlies stuff in. This is because the Lush Bags don't have a little pocket and I obviously don't want just pads in my bag. 

4. Phone & Earphones.
Of course I wouldn't go anywhere without my phone which is the iPhone 7 Plus and my earphones. My phone case is from amazon and it's amazing. 

5. Deodorant & Body Spray
I also don't go anywhere without some sort of spray and right now I am using the Nivea Invisible Original deodorant and the Impulse Rock & Love Body Spray. I don't really have a favourite and just buy whatever is cheapest or on offer at the time.

6. Random Bits.
Some bits I have just floating around my bag purely because I haven't taken them out yet is a 3 pack of gum which I purchased the day before, more Panadol because I was having serious stomach pains and the Period Pain tablets help a lot. I also seem to have receipts always floating around too. I also always carry a hairbrush with me purely because my hair can get super knotty even when it's not windy. 

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