I'm a bad person when it comes to taking care of myself. I've only recently started to realise that I should take care of my body and so I've decided there are a few things that I want to improve on to make sure my body is happy.

1. Moisturise
I am so bad at moisturising. Not just my body but my hands and feet too. It's just something that seems boring and such a chore. However I know that the benefits of keeping my body moisturised and hydrated is worth it and I've been making a real effort to do this every night and most mornings.

Drink More Water.
I used to hate water a lot and then when I went on the Cambridge diet I drank around 4 litres a day. Yet as soon as I started drinking fizzy pop I abandon water completely. However I noticed my skin started to look a bit crap and I put this down to no water. So I bought myself a water bottle and plan to bump up the water intake.

Stop Biting Those Nails When Anxious.
I'm an anxious nail biter and I hate it yet it's a habit I've had from high school. It's such a hard habit to break and at the moment I'm not sure how I can stop this yet I want to try.

Use Hand Cream More.
My hands are so horrible especially as I do delivery shifts at work and it seems to cut my hands up something rotten. I've been trying to make an effort in applying hand cream when I feel my hands are a little dry. It especially helps now that I have a tube of cream on my bedside table.

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