Hey everyone,

I've been wanting to do more fashion related posts for a while but there were lots of little reasons that stopped before, before I thought, fuck it. Lets just see what happens and this came around. I know they are not the best pictures or in super pretty settings (I'ts my living room and you can see my dog sleeping in the background) but for a 1st fashion OOTD post I think it's fine (I hope you do too).

I've been feeling pretty confident recently and I've been trying to get put of my comfort zone of wearing jeans on my bottom half. I've had this Primark A-Line skirt for a good year I think and I've always felt like you could see my stomach and it wasn't flattering on me. However I've lost a lot of weight (and it's slightly now too big) but I'm loving wearing this, especially with some thick tights and boots for the winter.

I was cleaning my wardrobe and I found this Thunder Apparel UFO Raglan Tee which I thought I actually lost a good while ago. It's sadly sold out but they always restock and everything else they sell is pretty damn awesome too.

I've been loving the baseball style tees and this one is so comfy and perfect for winter with the long sleeves. This is one of those t-shirts that is versatile and looks great with skirts, jeans and even pinafore dresses!.

You can check out Thunder Apparel here. Thanks for reading!

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