I've been a bit meh with clothes and wanted some new tops to wear with jeans (however all the tops I like seem to be cropped or really tight fitting). Enter Primark where they had some proper nice t-shirts for a good price.

1. The cute one with cats.
I like cats, I like cold shoulder tops and I've been wanting to bring in more cute blouses into my wardrobe so when I saw this, I knew I had to have it. I also love the frill it has going around near the top and I can't wait to wear this with my pinafore dress.

2. The one that had the lace detail.
This is one that I had seen for a while in Primark and really liked how plain it was but had the detailing of lace on the arms giving it a little something. I also really love the lilac colour and is a perfect top to transition into spring with.

3. The one with the back design.
I've always been a fan of tops which have a back design and this one really stood out. The light pink colour is also another colour which will be great as a transitional piece into spring. I also love that it has a little design in the corner on the front which means it's not entirely plain. However it is a little see through when on which is a bit of a bummer.

4. The one that was on sale and too good to pass.
This was on sale for £3 and I couldn't not buy it for that price. It's a little shorter then I'm used to or would like but It'll be great with high waisted skirts or shorts or even under dungarees and pinafores. The sleeves are my favourite and I've been loving the bell sleeve trend that's been around recently.

5. The Earrings.
I've been wanting to buy new earrings for ages because well the ones I have are old and gross now and I love switching up my earrings on a daily basis. I couldn't pass up the pack of 20 which were only £2.50 (i'm pretty sure) and the other one had super cute designs for only £2.00.

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