This week has just been work and work, however I did have a lovely day off with my other half. I hope everyone has had a lovely week.

1. Day trip to York
Me and Adam nada day off together so decided to have a little trip to York. Mainly also because he's never been and that needed to change. It was lovely just seeing the sights and looking in shops. I also got us lost trying to find the train station at the end of the day. 

2. Staff Night Out
My work hasn't had a night out in ages so It was finally nice to have one and chill as friends not in work. I love my little work team and it's been nice to let our hair down and relax away from the work environment.

3. Cosy Nights In
Sometimes it's just nice to have a little pamper cosy night in by yourself and recharge your batteries. I love just putting on a good documentary and chilling in the bath with a face and hair mask.

4. Seeing Family
I haven't seen my Nan in a while and it was lovely to find the time to go and see her. I love my nan to pieces and cherish every second I'm in her company.

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