I can't believe it's already sunday again and here I am sharing the things that made this week just that tiny bit better.

1. Valentines Day.
It's my first ever (yep!) valentines day actually with someone and I had such a nice day. Adam spoilt me and also purchased me the best card ever!. What he wrote inside was the best and I'm going to keep it forever.

2. Spending the whole week with the dog.
My parents went away for the week so it was mainly just me and the dog. I love her so much and it was nice to just chill with her even if she does snore her head off way too loud.

3. Getting blogging stuff done!.
I've been a bit meh with blogging but this week I finally took the opportunity of an empty house to just really sit down and get things swinging. It's been nice taking photos when I want and not having people in the way or to distract me.

4. Just Adam
This week has just been amazing and it's made my love for Adam grow more and more. He is someone who I am so grateful is in my life and he is so understanding and caring. I can't even put into words the love I have.

5. Baking
I decided to give baking a go and started with something easy which were the Nutella cookies. Only three ingredients and take about 8 minutes to make. They were so nice (if i say so myself) and can see myself making them again.

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