I didn't do a 'Little Happy Things' last week and that was purely because I wasn't feeling it but I'm back and ready to dive into the happy things that happened in the last week.

1. Spending a whole weekend with Adam.
Yep, we finally found time to spend more then a day together and we spent the whole weekend and it was so nice to duct chill and mong out in bed. I also got to meet his family which was super nice. 

2. A week off work.
I finalllllly had a week of work and it's been so relaxing and nice to chill out without thinking about work or dealing with customers. The only downside is that it's gone too fast.

3. Finding out Ghost Asylum exists.
While at Adam's we decided we wanted to watch Ghost documentaries but the ones where they are American and cheesy. Let me tell you, that's exactly what Ghost asylum is but it's so addicting and I've actually finished all three series. 

4. Finding a warm tartan scarf that's also in the sale.
Yep, who knew a scarf could make me so happy. Yet here I am still proud as punch that I wanted a tartan scarf that was as big as a blanket and warm, walked into Topshop and found the one of my dreams reduced from £18 to £8. 

5. Finally overcoming my anxiety about going back to the gym...and remembering why I enjoyed it.
A weird one as if you follow me on twitter you would have seen that I loved going to the gym before Christmas. Then I stopped and then some reason my anxiety took a hold and it's taken me this long to go back. It was nice and it reminded me why I loved going in the first place.

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