It's easy isn't it, getting caught up in trying to make your blog the perfect version you can and consistently comparing your blog to others. You might read that sentence and think you don't, and that's wonderful. But I've seen a lot of people say this and I am or was exactly the same.

I was starting to obsess over peoples blogs and how perfect it was and then I would look at mine and hate it because it didn't have crisp white and clean photos and I felt what I was talking about had already been a trend and moved on and no one would care what I wrote. 

I started to feel myself get fed up of trying to put effort in and feeling everything I wrote wasn't good enough. I stopped blogging because I didn't want to anymore, I didn't see the point and I actually felt free of this self burden I had put on myself. 

However I started to miss it blogging and I remembered why I started to blog in the first place. Because it was an outlet for me to talk about whatever I wanted and to be creative. I missed creating something and putting it out on the internet. I found myself wanting to come back however I didn't know if I was ready. 

It took a good while later to actually think 'you know what, I'm doing this for me' and I wrote and I liked it and I tried to not care that the pictures weren't impeccable because I'm not an amazing photographer and I know that and I know practise makes perfect. 

I'm just happy that I am back to doing something that I enjoyed and like the title says, I'm just trying to not put all this pressure back on myself.

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