A week goes by so fast and before I know it, the week is over and I find myself thinking about what has made me happy. To be truthful, I've been non stop happy all week so narrowing it down to write about is hard. Yet I'm going to try.

1. A full weekend off.
I usually always work on Saturday night and for some reason, I had booked this weekend off and I am so happy I did because I feel so relaxed and ready for the week ahead.

2. That bargain buy.
I wondered into Primark and was browsing the aisles when I saw a selection of Faux Leather Jackets on sale from £25 to £10 and you bet I had to buy it. It's beautiful with little embroidered flowers all over and I think it's something I will wear a lot.

3. Over the phone movie dates.
This is like the cutest thing I've done and we watched a documentary about phobias (Weird as hell) and then we also watched White Chicks, over the phone till we fell asleep.

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