I'm back for a second week of little happy things that have happened to me throughout the week. I'm really hoping that I will be able to keep up with this little series and so far I'm doing well.

1. Lazy Mornings.
I've quite a few lazy mornings before having to go to work and I've been loving the extra time in bed. Nothing beats being snuggled up in my duvet and watching Netflix.

2. Re-Connecting With Friends.
I stopped talking to someone a while ago and I class them as a close friend and it wasn't nice. We've recently started talking again and I'm so glad they have come back into my life.

3. Clothes Fitting Better.
I've said I'm on a bid to get healthier and I've been eating healthy and I've really noticed that my clothes are starting to fit better and even a little more lose then before which means I'm on the right track.

4. New Bobs Burgers.
I'm pretty sure that Bobs Burgers is my all time favourite show and somehow I didn't know that there was a new season out until this week. I'm so excited and I am loving it!. It's so funny and I'm honestly so happy it's back with new episodes.

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