I've decided this year I want to be a little (a lot) more positive throughout this year and what better way then every week collecting little happy moments that have happened. So if I think the weeks been shitty, I can look back and smile at the things that actually made it pretty darn okay.

1. Little Dates.
I've gone on a few little meal dates with someone and they have been so nice and full of laughs and I've not felt this happy in a while. It's been nice to get out the house and have a lot of fun with someone.

2. New Phone.
I got my new phone on saturday and I'm still in love (which is good considering it made me poor). I purchased the iPhone 7 plus and It's honestly the best thing on upgrading in size. The battery life is insane and this phone actually lasts me all day and night.

3. Drinking More Water.
I'm putting this one for the health benefits I've been seeing from drinking more water. I've noticed I feel more energetic and on the go just by drinking water and also my skin is starting to look healthy and clearer which is something that I'm loving. 

4. Poetry
I've slowly started to pick up reading and there is something so beautiful about poetry that makes me want to read it all. I've found that poetry is easy and lovely to read it's helping me get back into the swing of things.

Have you had any little happy things happen to you this week?

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