Have you ever just been in a shop and your eyes were instantly drawn to something? yep that was me when I saw these boots on the sale table in River Island. They were down to £10 from £45 and I needed them in my life. However, they didn't have my size (I have big feet).

So que me going on the website (to find they didn't have them on it) and then I decided to try ASOS and I actually let out a squeal when I saw them on, in my size and I loved them so much that I actually didn't mind that they were a little more expensive (£27).

There is just something that I love about these little beauties. I think it's the massive gold buckle and the gold little round studs that sold it for me. I think it just adds something to the boots so it's not as plain. I also love that it has a tiny heel which is perfect for everyday wear.

The only downside I have found with them is that because the boot is fairly plastic feeling it can rub at the top when walking however I think when I pair these with some tights it'll be less of a problem.

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