MY 2017 GOALS.


I always say on New Years day that I will stick to my resolutions and I do.. for a couple of months anyway. However this year is different. I'm more determined then ever to make 2017 all about me. So here are three goals I want to work on throughout 2017.

Look out for number 1 - Me.
This year I realised that I put way too much effort into relationships with people who couldn't give a toss about me and it's drained me so much that I've decided to say 'Fuck it' and make sure that I am happy before others are. I always do put peoples happiness over my own and I think I need to take a step back and take care of myself in 2017.

Learn to drive.
I had driving lessons when I was 17/18 and then I failed my theory twice and gave up. Then I went to University and I didn't really need to learn so I didn't. However I'm 22 now and I think it's certainly time for me to learn. The last few months I have been doing theory practise and I think next pay day will be when I pay for lessons or for my theory.

Fit and Healthy.
This past year I have lost 4st and I am proud of myself however I have a little more I want to lose and with this I want to start getting fitter which means going to the gym. Now Im not gonna say I'm gonna go and then not because I actually started to go to the gym around November when one opened next door where I work and I actually love it. I've not been much in December but I honestly can't wait to get back into it and even hopefully do some personal training to help me.

What are some of your goals?

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