I know, I know, I am a stranger in the blogging world and I've taken a long time away from anything to do with blogging and the community because well to put it simply, I had no motivation, heart or energy to do anything.

I've been thinking about coming back to blogging because I do love it, it's a creative outlet for me and I think that was the reason I stopped because I felt like I was just doing the same kind of posts and talking about the same things over and over and I was finding it hard to talk about anything because I felt like I have already done it.

I want to do more fashion posts mainly because while having time away I've lost a lot of weight and I think I'm the lowest I have ever been and I feel good about myself and find myself wanting to document the clothes I wear.

So I think I will be making a come back but it might take me a few days to get my bearings again.

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