So in the month of July I read a total of 5 books, which isn't a lot for me but I was going through some things. However the books I've read haven't been bad and were a pleasant read. 

001. Howl, Kaddish And Other Poems - Allen Ginsberg
There was some poems from this little collection which I really loved but poetry isn't really my favourite genre in a whole. I think it was a good one to try and I am ready to delve in a few more poets.

002. The Reversal - Michael Connely
This book was so boring. I read a chapter and then seemed to put it down for a few days before picking it up again. I just didn't gel with the writing style and it wasn't a crime story that I would usually pick up.

003. A Dance With Dragons (2 After The Feast) - George R.R. Martin
The last books so far in the 'Song Of Ice And Fire) series and it was as ever an amazing read. I thought it was however slightly tedious but I still loved the different point of views. 

004. The Pursuit Of Love - Nancy Mitford
I admittedly only bought this for the cover however it wasn't a bad read. All about love among a family it was really nice and I enjoyed the story line especially the ending. It was written really beautifully in my opinion. 

005. After You - JoJo Moyes
Ahh the sequel to 'Me Before You' and it was really good. There was some bits which I thought were meh but it was a strong sequel. I loved the new characters and felt that it had a good story. I really enjoyed this. 

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