Today I thought I would share with you 5 of the tv shows I have currently been binging and loving and all completely different to each other.

001. Deadly Women - Netflix
I love crime/forensics shows and this one came up in my suggestions. I love this. The first season is 40 episodes long and all episodes have three deadly women that they talk about. All episodes look at different type of crime and the best thing is, you learn so much about women killers, it's one to watch if you are into forensic/crime. 

002. Orange Is The New Black - Netflix
This series though. I binged watched the latest series and I found myself hooked. I do however have some negatives about the show, mainly the fact I can't stand Chapman and think the show could lose her and still be great. 

003. The Great British Sewing Bee - BBC
I watched a couple of episodes last year and I was hooked from the start. I love challenge shows and this one surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. I can't sew for toffee and it's amazing to watch these talented people make wonderful creations. 

004. My 600lb Life - TLC (or Youtube/Tv Show Site)
I have a thing for programmes about weight issues and I don't know what it is but I find them addictive to watch. I find this one so emotional to watch and am rooting for them always. Some can be slightly aggravating as they get this amazing opportunity but don't seem to want to put the effort in but then others do amazingly. 

005. Jane The Virgin - Netflix
This one was one I went into blind. I read the little description and thought 'meh, I have nothing else to watch'. Oh boy!, this was such a great series and I can't wait for more. It's so different to what I've watched before, mainly because it's set out like a spanish soap opera which I think is an amazing concept. 

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