I'm trying to get better at my skincare routine because my face deserves it and It's been looking pretty meh recently. So I decided to create a whole new skincare routine which would benefit my skin.

I used to use the Micellar Cleansing Water all the time when it first hit the streets and then I got lazy and turned back to makeup wipes. However when I saw this new beauty in work I decided to try it out. This one is targeted for those like me with combination to oily skin and I love how refreshed it makes my skin feel while removing all the makeup.

002. Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser - £7.25 for 100g
I've heard a lot about this and will have a full review up on the blog soon about this. Overall since using it, I am loving it. My face feels so clean and soft when I've used this. I try to use this about every other / 3 days as it is a scrub and shouldn't be used everyday. Also a little does go a long, long way.

I am always on the hunt for products which help reduce pores and decreases shine/oil that are on my face and decided to pick this up to see how it will do. I like this a lot and it does really wash the face so it feels super clean. My face also feels less oily since using this.

004. Tea Tree Toner Water - £8.50 for 250g
I've heard a lot of good things about this toner water and decided to see if it will help my skin with being more hydrating and with my acne that I have recently due to being that time of the month. I like this so far and seems to refreshes my skin after all the cleaning. 

I've been using this Nivea moisturiser for a long time and I really like it for the price. It applies well, sinks into the skin and leaves my skin feeling hydrated without feeling sticky. I do use this both day and night because I just can never be bothered to purchase a night cream.

006. Grease Lightning Spot Treatment - £6.50 for 45g
I've been using this little beauty for a long time and it works wonders for my skin when I have acne. I just dab a little onto my spots in the morning and night and they seem to disappear straight away. You can also use this over makeup and it won't affect it. I have a blog post here talking all about it. 

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