I have been on the hunt for the perfect summer bag and I think I finally found it with the Black Fringed Bucket Handbag by River Island.

I wanted a bucket style bag along with fringing. However all the bags I had seen had a small handle which is something I am not a fan of. I love to have a long shoulder strap and I thought I would never find one. I also wanted a bag with a zip so that I know my stuff is secure however all the bags I liked only had a magnetic clasp or nothing at all and I just don't think I would feel safe with that.

I finally found the perfect bag (or my mum found it) hidden among some shoes in River Island. I knew instantly it was the one and even more so when I saw it had a zip, long strap handle, fringing and was the perfect size. It also has a small strap for just carrying on the arm. It's pretty roomy inside and found I can fit a lot in into it which is good. 

I also love the little braided detail in both he fringing and near the top of the bag and also the little patterns going around. I think this will be the best bag for summer.

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