I've recently become bored and unhappy with my foundation and so I went on a little quest to find one which I was happy with. My face seems to have a hate relationship with foundations as they just don't ever look right to me. So I found a few which seemed promising and I decided to write about them.

001. Maybelline FIT Me: Matte & Poreless (115 Ivory)
This is my most recent purchase and I think new to Maybelline as well. I am loving this foundation. It's the perfect colour and actually seems to stay for a long time on the skin without getting as oily as some foundations have done. It also instead of magnifying my pores, it seems to make them disappear and make my skin look more flawless.

002. Max Factor Colour Adapt (40 Creamy Ivory)
This isn't my favourite but it's not a bad foundation. It didn't break me out at all and it had a lovely finish which was matte but with a slight dewy look which just looked natural. It's slightly too yellow based for me however looked fine for the overall look.

001. Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation ( 10 Ivory)
I thought this would be a good foundation especially for summer as it claims to be hydrating however it just seemed to sink into my skin and leave. It became patchy especially around the nose and on the forehead. It was slightly better with powder over but I just didn't get on with it.

002. Bourjois Air Mat ( 02 Vanilla)
I usually love Bourjois foundations and thought this would be great however I do not like this one bit.  It made my skin look orange when applied and only slightly better when with powder. It also seemed to magnify all my pores and wrinkles (I found wrinkles I didn't know I had) and it didn't even stay on for long which I was disappointed with. 

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