It's no secret that I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts, however the breakouts only seem to happen when it's that time of the month which is great. I'm always on the lookout for something that can help my skin and with how good Lush is I thought why not try there.

Dark Angels is a cleanser which has black sugar and charcoal to exfoliate the skin while the rhassoul mud deeply cleanses. They added cold pressed avocado oil and vegetable glycerine which helps moisturise and soften the skin which will leave the skin feeling balanced and fresh. It also contains Sandalwood and rosewood oils which gives it the earthy fragrance but also have a cooling and antiseptic effect on the skin. 

Dark Angels is best suited for those with oily skin and I've read some reviews that it doesn't work as well on those who have dry skin. With this product you only need a tiny pea sized amount to go a long way. It also has a blackjack (remember those sweets) smell which I personally don't mind.

I would like to say that this product is extremely messy and as it is black in colour could stain any light flooring or walls. Once this has turned into a paste I find that it ends up dripping down my arm and it ends up all over the sink. However it is easy to clean off the arms and sink so I don't personally find it annoying. 

I think this product is amazing. After a few uses I found my skin wasn't as oily as it usually is, my spots were leaving my face and overall my skin felt refreshed and the cleanest it has felt for a long time. I do use the Lush Tea Tree Toner after which also cleanses the face and helps with spots and I think this combination works really well. 

I am so glad that I stumbled on reviews for this product by accident and can't find myself using anything else to help my face. I think the pros this has shown me outweighs the whole messy aspect for me personally. 

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