The month of June had me reading a total of 14 books which is insane. I do want to say that I am a fast reader when I commit to reading. I had it all this month from amazing books to the really hated. SO here is the list of what I read.

001. The Loney - Andrew Michael Hurley
This book had more of a religious element that I normally like however it was a very intriguing read which had me hooked. Although many of the characters irked me, especially the mother (far too religious for me to handle) I throughly enjoyed the book and the whole 'interpret what you will" kind of feel.

002. The Lemon Grove - Helen Walsh
I didn't hate this book but I didn't love it. The characters were annoying and I found myself rolling my eyes and the story line wasn't developed enough for my taste. The ending was okay but I don't think I will be reading anything else from Helen Walsh.

003. Unspeakable - Abbie Rushton
This book was so lovely to read. It's an LQBT romance for YA. I thought the romance section was mega cute and realistic but the ending was a bit average and I didn't care much for it. However I liked the characters (apart from a few).

004. A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman
I loved this book. I didn't think I would actually because the blurb isn't great however I found myself hooked and by the end I wanted to know these people in real life. I loved the little stories that happened every chapter but it created an overall story where I found myself actually laughing out loud in some points and then crying the next.

005. Lasting Damage - Sophie Hannah
Another Sophie Hannah book but this one was on my bottom pile of being liked. I just didn't get along with this book. I hated the main characters and the story line was a bit rushed near the end.

006. Techbitch - Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza
I've not read a good or if any chick lit books in such a long time and this one sounded like it would be great. I loved this!. It was a great plot which I found myself getting into this book. I loved the main character a lot and I also loved the plot line. 

007. Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare
The best instalment of the 'Infernal Devices' series and I loved this one more then the first. I thought the story line was great and really showed a new side to the characters. It didn't seem repetitive and I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

008. The Devotion Of Suspect X - Keigo Higashino
I've had this book in my to be read pile for such a long time so I thought it was time I should read it. I did not like this at all. I don't know if it's because the translation doesn't come across well but the story line was so boring and predictable and the ending just seemed not great in my opinion. I didn't care for any of the characters either. 

009. The End Of Mr Y - Scarlett Thomas
Another book I seem to have had my whole life and thought that I should actually read it. I quite liked this book until it seemed to take on a more supernatural/magic element which seemed only there because the author didn't know how else to explain things. 

010. Girl In The Dark - Anna Lyndsey
I have been contemplating buying this for a while (I picked it up in waterstones about 7 times and then put it down) and when I had to wait for my mum for an hour in town (when it was closed) I decided to bite the bullet and buy it for that. It sounded on the blurb better than it was. I really didn't like the woman at all. She seemed to be so contortive and lifeless. The book was so boring to read and I found myself rolling my eyes at most chapters. 

011. Fight Club 2 (Graphic Novel Omnibus)
I think I squealed when I saw this in Forbidden Planet and had to buy it because Chuck Palahniuk is my all time favourite author (I also have a quote tattooed on my leg). Also since I couldn't buy any more of the comics past number three it meant I didn't know how it ended. I liked this a lot but I think I am slightly biased. The ending wasn't the absolute best I have to say but I don't think it was completely awful.

012. Orkney Twilight - Clare Carson
This was another book that I have had for a long while and decided to read. It was an okay book but the main character was awful and I hated her. The story line was slightly shit but not completely. It was an average book that didn't really leave any impression for me. 

013. Gifted - J.A George
I was gifted this book by the Author and have a full review here. I enjoyed this book a lot. I liked the characters in this and I really want to see what happens next. I did think that the timeline was all over the place and I got a little confused with it but overall it was a good book. 

014. Eeny Meeny (Helen Grace #1) - M.J. Arlidge
I borrowed this of my nan because she is the crime fiction queen!. I loved this more then I thought I would. I loved the actual crime which occurred (is that weird to say?) It was a very SAW movie concept which I liked. The ending of this was a bit of a twist with who the actual murderer was but I enjoyed it.

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