I can't believe that we have finished with June and how fast this year is nearing the end. Okay so we have a bit left but still!.

001. Basset Multivitamins in Raspberry and Pomegranate.
I couldn't find the other brand of multivitamins I had before and I really detest tablet form ones purely because I don't want to feel like I'm taking tablets. When I was doing a job at work I saw that we had some new stock in the vitamin section and knew I had to try these. I love them! I wish there was sweets with this flavour so I didn't have to only take one. 

002. Cute Little Bookmarks.
I love bookmarks but it's taken me a long long time to like the magnetic kind. I don't know why I never liked them but I think they are great now. Obviously as I read a lot and somehow managed to end up reading a few books all at once, I had to pick up some cute bookmarks. 

003. Enamel Pins.
I have become obsessed with enamel pins recently and I have a massive wish list on Etsy. I love that they give an outfit or outerwear or even a bag a bit more something. My favourite is my 'Less Whine, More Wine' pin. I think that's going to be my new motto in life. 

004. Primark Work Trousers
I hate wearing black work trousers because It just reminds me of school and I hated them. I've been trying to find some nice comfy ones that don't look as work trousers as my others and decided to try these ones out. They are only £7 and oh my gosh they are so comfy and nice to wear. I even have found myself wanting to wear them when I'm not at work because I think they will make an outfit look more smart.

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