I recently went to Meadowhall and I actually didn't expect to buy any clothes as I'm just in a bit of a moot point with my weight. However when I saw these three fashion pieces I couldn't resist. (Also I found it so hard to get decent pictures of these items individually. I'm not ready to pose just yet)

001. Black Topshop MOTO Denim Pinafore Dress - £35
I've been wanting a pinafore dress for the longest time and was going to purchase the corduroy ones that they have. However when I saw this I knew I had to have it as it's much more me. I.E it's black and I can pair it with some great t'shirts. 

002. M&S Embroidered Cold Shoulder Bardot Blouse - £28
Okay, so I have a major thing about clothes which have a cold/open shoulder. I love them a lot and I had to add this one to my collection. It's so beautiful and has a a really nice design. I'm so tempted to buy the white version as well.

003. Grey Ribbed Short Sleeve Top With Pink Trim - £15
I stumbled on this shirt while trying to find my mum and I fell in love with it. It may be simple but I love the little contrast of the pink trim and thought It would go perfect with the pinafore dress. They also have a pink version with a grey trim which I am so tempted to pick up.

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