Recently my mum and I decided to go on a little shopping spree. My mum went to get some clothes for when she goes on holiday and I decided to just treat myself to some new stuff. I did also purchase some sunglasses, a mug and a bag (Post to come) however as the majority was more beauty related as you can see, I thought I would share those.

001. Lynx Daily Fragrance: Urban - Tobacco & Amber (£3.99) &  002. Lynx Daily Fragrance: Signature - Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla (£3.99)
I purchased these Lynx fragrances for my boyfriend because I know he has been wanting to try these after seeing the adverts on tv. I did have a spray of these and they actually smell really nice. I think my favourite is the Tobacco and Amber which smells so musky and lovely.

003. PS..Pro Blending Brush (£3.00)
I've seen these type of brushes everywhere at the moment and when I spotted this one in Primark I had to get it to test it out. It looks slightly small but Im hoping it will do a good job. They had a even smaller one which I think was for concealer.

004. 2 Pack Tweezers (£1.00)
I've been needing some tweezers for a while and decided to pick these up as you get two for £1.00. Plus they are holographic which is great.

005. Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser (£7.25)
I was browsing on Instagram and found a post where someone said that this cleanser helped with the oily skin and breakouts. Since my skin is oily and prone to acne I thought I had nothing to lose from trying this out. I have high hopes and can't wait to start using it.

006. Tea Tree Water Toner Water (£8.50)
The same reason as above for why I got this product as I really want to start looking after my face more and make it less oily. I thought this would be a good product to try after my face is all washed at night and in the morning.

007. NYX Lip Lingerie: Exotic (£6.50)
I love my NYX Lingerie in Embellishment which you can see here . I decided to pick up a more pinky brown nude this time so I could wear it to work and it would look more natural. I love the Lip Lingerie formula and how long they last on the lips. 

008. NYX Matte Blotting Paper (£3.50)
I decided to pick these up because I have a habit of going slightly oily and especially in the heat. I thought these would be more convenient to carry around in my bag and can't wait to see how well these work.

009. Benefit Browzings: 4 (£24.50)
I recently ran out of my beloved Browzings powered so I had to repurchase. However I was a little confused when I found they added more shades and changed the packaging. I think it's great they have more of a selection now and I found I am a shade four. Also the new packaging is super cute.

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