I recently went on a little day trip to York with James and it was amazing. Even though it rained in the morning and then right before we left for the train home, I have to say it was such a wonderful day and was packed with fun things.
We first wondered around the town (mainly to buy an umbrella because it was raining. We didn't buy one) and decided to have a little stroll around the shambles which was cute. I loved the shops and the buildings are amazing to see.

After we went around we decided to find a nice little restaurant to eat at as we wanted to try somewhere local. We found a bar/restaurant in a corner called VJS which was an artist bar and the food was incredible. I chose to have a Brie and Roast Veg sandwich was was divine and my other half had a burger which he loved. The staff were all lovely and so welcoming.

After we had food we decided to go and have a look around the York Castle Museum which I vaguely remembering visiting as a child on a school trip. It cost us a fiver each and you had two sections which you could visit. We started at the Victorian Street exhibit which showed York in Victorian times and ended the visit with a trip to the York Castle Prison exhibit.

After we decided to try and find the Railway Museum (which is free) as James really wanted to go. We did somehow end up lost in a random housing estate but we finally found it and It was really interesting. I loved looking into the royal trains which seemed to be a house inside. As well as seeing all the old vintage signs.

We lastly ended the trip with a little visit to 'The House Of Trembling Madness' which is a bar in the shambles. I fell in love. The first two floors are just wall to floor filled with different alcoholic beverages which I was tempted to buy some. The top floor is where the little bar/restaurant is situated and has a wall full of animal heads, and little bits and bobs which I loved. We decided to have some cider and also a platter which was called 'The Madness Platter' which consisted of the nicest bread, duck, ham, pork pie and other bits and bobs which was wonderful.

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