I remember going to the Doncaster Museum as a little kid a lot and especially for school trips. Me and James wanted something fun to do but wouldn't cost a lot and as the museum was free and we both hadn't been for years we thought why not.

I have to say it's exactly how it was when I was young which is both a good and bad thing really. I love how it just takes me back to childhood and it was fun to talk about memories and about school trips to the museum.

However it's not really changed to cater to the more modern times, however I know that's costly and since the museum is free and runs on donations I can see why it would be harder to update the museum so to speak.

I love as well that the museum hosts local artists work upstairs and these exhibitions change frequently with also the chance to buy the work if you like it. I love seeing art work and seeing local talent is amazing.

It's not a museum I would frequently visit but it was so nice to go back and seeing all the exhibits from a more adult view. It's great for kids as there is loads of interactive games and even little crawl spaces in the animal section which is cool.

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