I'm quite a negative Nancy especially when it comes to myself and I've decided that enough it enough. I want to become a positive percy instead. So I've come up with a few little things that will help me.

001. Find the positive in something everyday.
I always end up complaining about the negative when talking about my day. Instead I will try and say one positive experience that happened.

002. Don't focus on the negative
Focusing on the negative can make my mood turn really sour and then I spend ages getting angry and riled. I need to learn to let it just roll off me instead.

003. Try to make the negative a positive
Many times you can turn something around. Instead of just thinking about the negative I can try to make it a positive. Such as if I did something wrong at work I can turn it into a learning experience.

004. Don't sweat the small stuff
A lot of the time I have a lot of little negative things play on my mind and by the end of the day I am a heap of balled negative emotion. I need to learn that one little negative is not the end of the world. 

Do you have any tips on becoming more positive?

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