I've found myself purchasing a lot of clothes throughout the month of April and decided that I haven't really done a haul of types for a while and thought why not. I can't remember all the prices but I'll have an estimate.

I've purchased a few bits from Primark which I have been loving recently. They have such good gems in and can't help picking up something when I pop in. First up is a non clothes item which is this great Cactus Tote Bag which was only £1.50. I love this so much.

Next up is this lovely plain yellow turtle neck vest top which I thought would be great for the summer months when they show up. It would look great with some printed trousers. I think this was around the £3-5 mark.

I also am in love with the 'In Pizza We Crust' Tee. I've been loving the plain tees with an graphic on the pocket. Super cute and simple that will go with just about anything. This was about £5.

The last clothing item from Primark is this beautiful slip dress with a cropped white shirt which I am in love with. I'm not that body confident and I kind of avoid dresses because I hate my legs. However because I'm losing weight and trying to be more confident with my body I bought this dress and I am in love. This was £13.

Next up from Topshop I just had to get these cute Ariel Emoji looking Pjs after seeing them online. These were £22 and I love them. 

From River Island I got this Cut Out Shoulder Blouse which has an amazing pattern on. I fell instantly in love. It's pretty pricey at £38 however it's perfect. I wore this to my trip to the zoo and it was perfect for a hot summers day. 

Lastly is my favourite item I've purchased for a long while and I even got it at a discount which I was super pleased about. It's this Henry Holland  Cut Out Shoulder Floral Dress. This should have been £40 however I only paid around £26 because it had 40% off which I took as a sign to purchase it.

Hopefully you enjoyed my little haul. 

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