I have wanted a mobile photo printer for the longest time however at seeing one for £140 in Urban Outfitters I've been putting it off. However for my birthday, my gift from my mum and Richard was this Polaroid Zip which was purchased from the Apple Store and I am so happy and grateful.

This little machine connects to your phone via bluetooth and lets you print out any photos from your phone which is great. You do have to download an app for this little printer however it is free. On the app you get a selection of options. You can print just the picture in full like in the photos above. You can create a border around the picture so it prints out in the popular polaroid look.

You can also create a collage that ranges from 2 photos to 9. As well there is also an edit print which means that you adjust the brightness, saturation, rotate the photo, use filters, draw on the photo and even put little stickers on the photo. This makes every photo you want to print totally customisable and unique to you. 

I did have a little trouble with this firstly mainly because you get minimal instructions with the actual product and would need to go to the manual online for more information. However it is slightly easy to set up. Firstly you need to charge the machine so it's fully charged and this takes around an hour. 

Secondly you do get a pack of ten Polaroid Zip with the device but you can also purchase packs from Amazon like this pack of 50  or even from the Apple shop/ website. You need to open the pack and put the paper in with the blue barcode face down. 

You next need to connect the device to your phone and go and print a photo, when it says printing at first the blue barcode will come out first and then the actual photo will appear. I have noticed that the machine prints the photo a few second after it says it has done on the phone. 

I actually am in love with this and can't wait to print more photos out. I love that I can just take my phone out and about and then print the memories out from this device whenever I want to. Even though these are pricey which is understandable for what it is, I think it's totally worth it.

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