I have been thinking about buying a bike for a good while and only talking about all the benefits of owning one (losing weight and becoming fit) only urged me to get one. So I did, for my birthday and I am head over heels.

I've always lusted over a shopper bike with the basket as I always had that daydream about cycling to a shop wearing a skirt, putting a baguette, wine and flowers into the basket and waving to everyone. Doesn't everyone have that daydream?

Anyway, I was browsing the Halfords website before jumping up and exclaiming I had found the one bike for me. The Kingston Hampton Traditional Shopper Ladies Bike, complete with a wicker basket.  Not only that but it's a stunning blue colour and also comes in sage, pink, white, bright green, black, purple and turquoise. All come with a basket be it white or brown and all are different prices depending on what you want.

The great thing about the bike I have is that it has gears. 7 to be precise, this means that not only can I ride around in a city but I can also do little country jaunts which have hills and bumps which is perfect. 

I can't sing my praises enough about this bike and every time I see it, I sigh with happiness. 

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