I can't believe that May is now over and I am now one year older. However I had a really nice month and even got to spend a week doing nothing but relaxing with James. Here are some of my favourites from this month.

001. M.A.C Palette - 
I've found myself using this eyeshadow palette a lot more then I thought I would. Albeit it is beautiful but I feel like it's hard to create different eye looks for me personally. However since I've been back and to from my boyfriends a lot this month, I found myself picking this to bring a lot. Mainly because it holds a good array of colours and it's also not too bulky to pack in my makeup case.

002. Disney Lego Figures
Oh my, I love these little guys and as they are fairly cheap (around £2.50 depending on the shop) this are great to collect. I love picking up a few packs trying to complete the collection. I really want Alice In Wonderland.

003. Fountain Pen & Ink
My wonderful boyfriend got me this beautiful fountain pen for my birthday along with the ink and I am in love. I have loved fountain pens since I was around 13, and I am so grateful that I now have this little beauty in my life. It makes me want to write everything.

004. Barbour Yellow Raincoat 
I have craved this beautiful yellow raincoat from Barbour since I saw it in House Of Fraser a while ago. I would have bought it there and then but they didn't have my size. I was on the hunt after that to find one and then by chance I came across it in a shop in Leeds and It was slightly cheaper. I wear a lot of black so I think this coat is a perfect pop of colour for me. I love wearing it so much and sometimes I crave for a rainy day so I can pop it on.

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