I've been on and off dieting for pretty much around 3-4 years which is excessive to say I am only 22. However after finally being fed up being overweight and unhappy and going through several diets I've finally found the one which works for me.

I follow the no carb diet, which is more or less Atkins. This diet essentially means that any food which is high of carbs is off limits. Things such as potato, bread and pasta which are the main things are off the menu.

I have been on this diet since November 2015 and as of now I am currently nearing the 3st loss mark. It's taken me longer then it should due to having Christmas off the diet and then some weeks caving in and eating carbs but I am still determined to lose the weight I need to.

I don't have a particular goal in mind but I would like to lose another 2 stone as I feel that I would feel and see the benefits much more. I am and was overweight and after many failed attempts especially during uni I knew that I had to be determined and in the mindset.

It's taken me a long time of finally thinking 'right, I need to do this for my health' and when I feel shit about myself I think about where I was 3st heavier and unhappy. It's taking a long time however to change my perception of myself and still see myself as I was when I first started but I know I will slowly get there.

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